Celebrating the Feline Form and the Lure of Luthiery

January 2016 • Phoenix, AZ

Cats are currently the darlings of internet and pop culture, and we are huge fans! We think that there’s nothing more beautiful than the feline form.


Guitars and other stringed instruments seem to go hand-in-hand with cats and cat lovers, so why not bring the two together in a unique exhibit.


Art that marries cats and guitars is more prevalent than you might expect, this exhibit was a celebration of that connection.


The Cats & Guitars exhibit delighted the local Arizona community as well as cat and guitar lovers across the country and around the world.

About The Exhibit

Chartreuse Gallery in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona
The first exhibit of its kind.

There is a mysterious and undeniable connection between cats and guitars. Many of the musicians who play these stringed instruments and the craftsmen who build them are feline fanatics. Just do a quick internet image search for “cats and guitars” and you’ll see what we mean. Who knew?

This exhibit was a celebration of that connection, with every piece featuring some reference to both the feline form and the art of luthiery (the construction and repair of stringed instruments, in this case primarily guitars, but ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, lutes, and bass guitars are welcome, too.)

The show took place at Chartreuse located in Bragg’s Pie Factory, 1301 NW Grand Ave, part of the Lower Grand Avenue Arts & Small Business district in downtown Phoenix in January 2016.


First Friday, Jan 1 • 6-10 pm
Saturday, Jan 2 • noon to 4 pm
Friday, Jan 8 • 6-9pm
Third Friday, Jan 15 • 6-10 pm (Artist Reception)
Saturday, Jan 16 • noon to 4 pm
Friday, Jan 22 • 6-9pm
Friday, Jan 29 • 6-9 pm


Our Team

Kate Benjamin
Founder of the popular cat style blog hauspanther.com and NYT bestselling author, Kate’s world is all about cats. She will serve as producer for the Cats & Guitars art show, drawing on her years of experience in event planning, marketing and public relations.
Daniel Shepherd
Show Coordinator
As a professional artist, ambient musician and cat lover himself, Daniel brings the right combination of interests and experience to our team. He will serve as the show coordinator, working closely with artists to make our vision a reality.
Mark Allred
Mark is a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery here in Phoenix, and runs his own custom guitar building and repair shop on Grand Avenue not far from the gallery. We will draw on his extensive knowledge of stringed instruments and his love of cats as we look to him as an advisor.
Art Gallery
Chartreuse is a new contemporary art gallery located on Historic Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix. Nancy Hill, owner, and Mike Oleskow, curator and gallery manager, will both serve as valuable resources for the show, bringing their experience from the art world to the team.

MEET THE ARTISTS! More than 30 artists from around the world participated in the Cats & Guitars art show

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